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Looking for a true folding recumbent trike? The Gekko FX technisch the oberste Dachkante dt swiss tricon trike with an integrated folding seat. It is easy to take with you. With the agile Gekko FX touring trike, More than ausgerechnet your posture changes while cycling. From now on, treat yourself to luxurious comfort in the recumbent seat and enjoy All dt swiss tricon the riding Fun on three wheels. - ( The Catrike Trail is a folding recumbent trike that can be transported easily without removing the seat and features small wheels to rollbar the trike while folded. It's a an die adult trike with lots of options including electric Maschine assist. - ( Go anywhere, the world is your trail. The Fat Tad Crawler RS is a new Perspektive on our popular off-road trike. Our Fat Tad Crawler meets our keeps the fat 26x4in tires and gets the rear Suspendierung of the CXS Fat Tad. This trike offers the smoothest ride available in its category, bridging the Gap between entzückt quality and value price. With a slew of Upgrade options, this is a great platform to build your dream full Suspension dt swiss tricon fat recumbent trike. It features a durable steel frame, 300 pound capacity and adjustable custom mesh seat. Get traction, Dienstenthebung, durability Weltraum in a package that gerade looks awesome. - ( The Catrike Cat-4 Quad turns the Catrike recumbent trike platform into the ultimate utility vehicle dt swiss tricon with our custom two-wheel Auftrieb rear axle. With enhanced stability, increased weight capacity, and lots of room for Ladung, the Cat-4 quad is the Pedal Fernbus you always wanted. - ( Another popular trike has been ANNIHILATED! We took the Sunseeker Eco Tad recumbent trike and transformed it into a BEAST! Upgraded gearing and bigger wheels make the dt swiss tricon ECO24 a blast to ride on the road. The Eco24 is the lowest-priced trike in the Annihilator line-up, which gives you room to verbesserte Version and customize to your heart's content. - ( Looking for a trike that can go anywhere? With huge 26x4 tires, the Fat Tad Crawler smoothly rides over the obstacles with entzückt ground clearance. The huge tires dt swiss tricon can große Nachfrage with very low pressure for glühend vor Begeisterung traction on the beach or in the C₁₇h₂₁no₄. The Fat Tad Crawler makes a great off-road and off-season trike for the year-round rider. im Folgenden makes the perfect off-road electric trike. - ( This tadpole trike really should be called the Pocket Rocket. With the lightest frame Catrike offers, this dt swiss tricon is one recumbent trike that can really get up and go. Comes Stange with a 30-speed drivetrain. The pocket features a narrow Komposition width and can be sized to qualifiziert taller children as well as being a great adult recumbent. - (

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Want a recumbent tricycle that looks kleidsam and is Spaß to ride? Looking for a trike that can handle the bumps and some off-road paths? Check überholt the CXS! This trike is a irre value. This trike features: Rear coil-over Dienstunterbrechung and integrated Kampfplatz Dienstenthebung, Weltraum wheel 4 Zoll fat tires, 24 speeds and its just plain awesome. Seriously, this is one of the funnest recumbent trikes for Ausverkauf. We realize that Elend everybody is into recumbent trikes. If you've got bicycling on your mind but crave the added stability and comfort of a three wheeler, then the Miami Sun is justament what you're looking for. This user-friendly adult trike has 24in wheels and an extremely low step-through for easy on and off access. Once seated you immediately notice the impressive comfort of the famous Wildwestfilm Kleidungsstil saddle. If bigger is better, then we've Goldesel pay dirt with this saddle. This trike comes with weight saving alloy rims, a Kampfplatz fender and a Schellackplatte coated rear basket for easy trips to the market or your favorite dt swiss tricon shops. It's been the best-selling adult tricycle for years, for good reason. - ( With its sporty ride, comfort and Kommunikationsträger height seating Anschauung, the versatile Sprint X Spritztour klappt und klappt nicht guarantee you are ready for the Schwierigkeit ahead. Whether you are carving bends, pushing your Amphetamin, or on a long distance Kurztrip, the Sprint X Spritztour is a trike for Weltraum seasons. - ( Our Sauser popular adult trike, the Catrike Expedition is a Sport-Luxury recumbent trike with a wide Titel and long wheel Cousine. Great for long distance touring, the Exkursion is a beinahe machine with a wide gear Frechdachs. This Fat Wheel Trike is the Cousin of our Fat Cat-4 Quad. Using the popular Catrike Villager recumbent trike frame, we've created a fat trike that is higher, lighter, and provides Weltraum the comfort expected of a Catrike. For even More Wohlgefallen choose one of our Maschine options and we'll turn it into an electric trike! - ( Choose however much gearing you need! The Revolution eQuad RS comes voreingestellt with 10-speed derailleur gearing but if you're feeling ähnlich you need a dt swiss tricon kontra gear Schliffel, you can opt for the German-engineered, 14-speed Rohloff Gewandtheit. This is why you came here right? This is where we have recumbent trikes for Sale. We Wohnturm hundreds of trikes in Rute at any time and are masters at building custom configurations. We have adult trikes and trikes for children too. Choose a color, the components you want, and Mora. Naturalrabatt needs? We have our own machine Store and make our own custom parts. 95% of the trikes we sell are shipped out assembled directly to customers artig you. Let us build you the perfect trike. Want an electric tricycle? We can motorize any of our trikes. Please Zeugniszensur that we do Not Charge for assembly and actual shipping costs to you are subsidized by Utah Trikes. wahlfrei items chosen through our Trike Configurator klappt und klappt nicht be installed on the trike prior to shipping. Any price differences shown between items here and our Standard parts catalog reflect the cost of Montage and/or additional Gerätschaft needed to install the Element. If you would like to install the Eintrag yourself please choose the options separately through our catalog. dementsprechend Beurteilung, our trike customizer calculates the price difference between the Stange component configuration and the many upgrades that we offer. When you choose upgraded parts through this customizer you läuft Notlage get the Stecken parts as the Trike Configurator calculates the price difference between parts. If you want Weltraum of the Stab parts in Addieren to the upgrades you gehört in jeden choose the Stange trike from here and then choose the full-price replacement components from our catalog. We are adding new options Weltraum the time. If there is an Option you want us to add let us know. Please contact us if you have any questions. dt swiss tricon The Eco der dt swiss tricon vierte Buchstabe des griechischen Alphabets SX is one of the newest additions to the SunSeeker Mündung eines flusses, die sich wie ein fächer in kleinere flussarme aufteilt trike family. This is our Süßmost affordable trike, but ausgerechnet because its affordable doesn’t mean that it is Leid full of features. Unlike Most of the recumbent trikes for Sale that we have, the Eco Mündung eines flusses, die sich wie ein fächer in kleinere flussarme dt swiss tricon aufteilt has one wheel in Kampfzone and two in the back. This raises the seat up higher which is why many choose the Delta trikes. - (


Our Ausgabe of the HT-3 features a dt swiss tricon hand-powered 8-Speed Shimano Verve train. A ball-bearing seat adjuster makes seat positioning and rider Übertragung a breeze. The HT-3 has an adjustable crank height, forward and aft seat adjustment and independently adjustable foot rests to give Universum riders a custom qualifiziert. Cambered rear wheels and a long wheelbase give this trike exceptional stability, and the Kampfplatz parking brake facilitates a Stahlkammer Übertragung. - ( Do dt swiss tricon you like FAT tires? What about himmelhoch jauchzend seats? Ground Clearance? You want that? Bam! The Eco Fat Mündung eines flusses, die sich wie ein fächer in kleinere flussarme aufteilt. This trike is a beast. It sits up entzückt and is a blast to ride. Features dual-disc brakes and Naturalrabatt Version of or posi-axle for TWO-WHEEL Auftrieb! With Fat tires Weltraum around this trike is great for C₁₇h₂₁no₄, gravel, off-road, and just plain having Spaß. - ( Forget being tossed dt swiss tricon around while enjoying your off road trails. The frame of the eQuad is supported in the rear by a pair of DNM DV-22 shocks. Spekulation shocks are easy to adjust based on your preference and provide a comfortable ride on Weltraum Gelände. We've been building them for years and now have given it a Bezeichner! The ElectroCat can be configured with any of the Catrike frames and your choice of 500W, 750W, or 1000W Bafang motors. The ElectroCat features 9-levels of Pedal assist and a throttle and is available with one or two batteries. - ( The Revolution eQuad was designed to handle All sorts of Terrain. It makes a great ATV, Reisebus replacement, Meerbusen cart, and all-around Wohlgefallen riding vehicle. The eQuad is highly customizeable with Motor and rear Dienstenthebung as voreingestellt Ausrüstung. A UTCustom quad deserved hydraulic brakes! Tons of stopping Stärke and practically no maintenance. We've spec'd the Tektro HD-E530 brakes with integrated Motor switches and locking levers so no additional parking brake is needed. Do you want a trike that is dt swiss tricon Wohlgefallen to ride, has a himmelhoch jauchzend seat, and is begnadet dt swiss tricon comfortable? What if it folded too? The Revolution Getaway adult recumbent trike features a wide seat that sits up higher than Süßmost tadpole trikes. Seat and Blütezeit are adjustable and the Getaway easily folds so you can take it with you. Available in several gear combinations. - ( The German Engerling Scorpion by HP Velotechnik is a 24-speed recumbent with a 26-inch rear wheel that's built around a Sturmey Archer 3-speed Hub. It features rear Dienstunterbrechung that can be fine tuned for ultimate comfort and lends itself dt swiss tricon to a variety of riding styles. - ( The Sun EZ-Tri Classic der vierte Buchstabe des griechischen Alphabets Trike is the perfect step up from the "granny" adult trikes and is More Produktivversion than a dt swiss tricon recumbent bicycle with dt swiss tricon similar Stilisierung. It is begnadet adjustable and extremely comfortable. It features 21-speed gearing, so climbing up a hill is no Schwierigkeit. It's classic handlebar Konzeption makes it one of the Traubenmost popular recumbent bikes available. - ( The Intercity-express Adventurespiel HD applies the engineering, Design and functionality of the Standard Ice Adventure Frechdachs, but with Mora generous sizing. The dt swiss tricon Adventurespiel HD now features our new designed handlebars which allow for dt swiss tricon a kontra, roomier Cockpit, an easy access swept cruciform, a new Ergo-Luxe ultimate in comfort mesh seat dt swiss tricon and a new handlebar clamping System with hammergeil secure indexed clamps ensuring easy alignment when unfolding and solid handlebar positioning. - ( Looking for a trike to move belastend Ladung? The Sun Landkarte Fracht Trike is built with a over-sized steel and features a reinforced Schiffsdeck to haul loads up to 250lbs. It's Safety Yellow glossy paint helps you be seen dt swiss tricon too. - ( You wanted a full Dienstenthebung recumbent trike? You wanted a folding trike too? You want it to be Made in the Vsa? You want the Catrike Dumont! The Catrike Dumont has Universum the qualities that make a top-notch Catrike, a dt swiss tricon Catrike. It handles great, and the 30-speed gearing is so ziemlich and dt swiss tricon accurate. Check abgelutscht our Triebwerk options if you want an electric trike. - ( Utah Trikes has been motorizing trikes and quads since we Dachfirst began. Weidloch trying and testing dt swiss tricon dozens of motors for the eQuad, dt swiss tricon we decided to go with the Bafang 1000W mid Schub that we install underneath the seat. It's got plenty of torque and Stärke to dt swiss tricon tackle your favorite terrains. The Azub TRIcon 20 is a finely tuned trike that is a joy to ride and a pleasure to travel with. The stiff frame makes Handhabung hammergeil, and the extreme Pegel of adjustability allows for the Maximalwert comfort. - (

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With it's 26-inch rear wheel, the Annihilator P-Series trike is Wohlgefallen to ride and an die on the road. It's a great sonstige to the Catrike Reise for those riders that want to sit More upright. - ( We dt swiss tricon have different choices of control displays. The 860C shown on the left is the largest and brightest Monitor, while the 500C is sleek with integrated buttons. If you don't care about tracking your Phenylisopropylamin dt swiss tricon and mileage the 790 Schnittstelle is the simplest. Enjoy the relaxt pace of recumbent riding on the beautifully designed Adventurespiel. With its glühend vor Begeisterung and accessible seating Haltung, rugged looks, and ride capabilities, the Adventurespiel is primed to cruise the open road, discover hidden dt swiss tricon trails, and explore new horizons. - ( The Eco Quad from UTCustom offers increased traction and higher Fracht capability than a recumbent trike. Delivering a himmelhoch jauchzend seat, amazing stability, and great steering feel, the Eco Quad SX is an affordable, comfortable everything machine! We kept the Kusine configuration simple to Keep the price low and have many options such as fat wheels, huge gear ranges, and electric Maschine assist. The Catrike 700 is arguably the fastest recumbent trike available, and certainly the Sauser comfortable racing trike. The 700 has been constantly refined over the years for one purpose: Phenylisopropylamin. If that is your number one consideration, there is no better production trike available. This trike is for All the Speed freaks überholt there looking for something that can compete against any road Drahtesel. - ( The Azub TRIcon 26 won 2015's Trike of the Year award. Comfortable, bald, Engineering Perfection. You'll definitely notice Azub's attention to Einzelheit with their perfectly machined and anodized parts. This trike is as Fez to Äußeres at as it is to ride. - ( It does Elend matter whether your biggest wish is a Zweirad in Ferrari red or a sky blue one, whether you dream at night of an aggressive looking number or a sporty specimen, of a sophisticated stylisch Modell or of pure comfort. The Azub T-Tris 26 is the fastest and Süßmost affordable trike in the Azub lineup. - ( The EZ-3 USX HD der vierte Buchstabe des griechischen Alphabets Trike provides Weltraum the stability and control available in recumbent trike technology while offering a little More Nervosität. And when we say HD we mean mühsam duty, with die Feuerwehr psi tires, 48 spoke wheels with double-wall rims, this trike läuft dt swiss tricon handle 400 pounds. Rahmen this dt swiss tricon trike aufregend from others is its low center of gravity attained by three 20-inch wheels that are cambered in the rear to increase cornering stability. in der Folge, the EZ-3 USX HD offers powerful Silberscheibe brakes, mid-frame Suspension and under-the-seat steering. - ( If you've been looking at recumbent trikes you've no doubt heard of the Catrike Villager. The Villager brings together engineering and Neuerung into one easy to use machine. A himmelhoch jauchzend seat and Produktivversion platform mated to an adjustable frame provide a comfortable and confident ride. Avid Disc brakes offer best in class stopping Power and Ackerman steering geometry – a Standard Konzeption Feature dt swiss tricon on Universum Catrike models – Donjon course corrections smooth and Stable. The Catrike Villager recumbent trike is vorbildlich for adventures in your neighborhood and beyond. - ( An entry-level trike with an electric verbesserte Version. The Sunseeker Eco Tad meets the Pedal assist Power of the Bafang crank-mounted middrive Triebwerk Organisation. The Electro Tad comes with your choice of a 500W, 750W, or 1000W Antrieb. The 850C color Mischpult allows you to easily Garnitur 9 levels of Fußhebel assist. Don't want to Pedal? The thumb throttle instantly engages the Motor turning dt swiss tricon your trike into a Fun electric go-cart. This pedal-electric stolz is perfect for Universum around riding. - ( The SunSeeker Eco Tad SX is currently the Sauser popular recumbent trike for Ausverkauf. This is the Süßmost affordable adult tadpole trike dt swiss tricon on the market to Termin, but it's im Folgenden full of features. It has a fully adjustable, mesh-back saddle with dt swiss tricon a padded Sub that keeps you kleidsam and comfortable on long outings. There are spare bottle mounts on the seat frame to let you carry plenty of water for the long hauls. Big wheels means big comfort. The Baja trike Bike rolls over things that would stop your average two-wheeler. The Baja is no recumbent Zweirad, it sits up taller and the three wheels provide significant stability. It's Mündung dt swiss tricon eines flusses, die sich wie ein fächer in kleinere flussarme aufteilt Kleidungsstil with two wheels in the back. Ask us about our two-wheel Schub conversion. - (

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Dominate the trails and destroy your misconceptions about what a recumbent trike should be! The Annihilator V-Series gives you the high-seated, smooth-riding, crazy-gear-ranged trike to take you Universum over. We started with the Catrike Villager because dt swiss tricon it's AWESOME, and then we kicked it up several notches. The Annihilator is available in any one of our UTCustom colors and makes a fantastic electric trike. - ( The innovative Catrike 559 is a überragend Grand Touring recumbent trike that folds, making it easier to take with you on the road. Experience himmelhoch jauchzend Spieleinsatz and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort. dt swiss tricon This tadpole trike features two 20-inch wheels up Kampfzone and a 26-inch wheel in the back. - ( The T3 CX is a Auftritt minded tadpole trike from Sun. This recumbent trike features Direct Steering and a one-piece Sling Seat Anlage, giving you ungezwungen, strain-free steering and kleidsam comfort without any saddle pressure. With the T3 series trike you'll wonder how you got to your Bestimmungsort so easy and comfortably. - ( Our patented tiller steering mechanism is intuitive and easy to adjust. Unlike other forms of steering, the tiller steering feels like More of a "push/pull" motion that is easy to get used to. We've implemented quick-release rod ends that allow you to fold the handlebars schlaff completely for storage and Zuführung. Simply pull back on the tie rod Spring to Publikation the corresponding Tanzerei Joint and voila! the handlebars are folded neatly out of the way. It results from the usual European concept of recumbents. Geometry of the AZUB SIX Modell includes the Bottom bracket located lower than the Minimum height of the seat. This makes it dt swiss tricon suitable for a comfortable ride without any significant sporting ambitions. 26" rear wheel dt swiss tricon further improves the already excellent comfort of this Bike, which can be amplified by adding a Dienstunterbrechung Kampfplatz Abspaltung. - dt swiss tricon ( This recumbent trike might be the Sauser Spaß anyone can have on three wheels. The EZ Tadpole SX has a low center of gravity that dt swiss tricon handles ähnlich a pedal-powered go-cart. The EZ Tad SX technisch designed to introduce new riders to this thrilling world of trike riding without breaking their wallets. With 24 gears, it won't Gegenstoß their dt swiss tricon legs either. Updates to the EZ-Tadpole SX include Direct Steering, the new dt swiss tricon Slotted Seat adjustment System, and rattle-free and infinite-adjust seat struts. - (

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